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The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts offers residencies for two weeks to two months for ceramists, mixed media artists, painters, printmakers and sculptors from March through December. If for some reason you cannot stay for the full two weeks, we may make an exception on a case by case basis to prorate the time the artist works in the studio.  Each person that visits the Foundation is extremely important to us and we make sure to give everyone individual attention.  Our commitment is that you not only fulfill your artistic goals but also have a taste of island living.

The artists that have worked at the studio range from newly graduated to mid-career.  The Board of Directors looks at a range of things including ability to be independent, the project is not something that the artists would normally do and it pertains to the culture in some way (it could be color, light, history, mythology, natural surroundings, etc.).  We understand that this is a large commitment for artists and we hope that they get the absolute most out of the residency so that ideally they go home and create a new body of work.

Please note that applications must be received three months prior to the residency.

Here is an article by ceramist, Mark Messenger on his experience at SkopArt.

Video of the work produced by resident artist Kitty Kingston.

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Residency Application

**Please note that our fee has increased as of November 10th 2013.

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