Gulf Coast College Ceramics and Photography Program – June 1st – 20th

Skopelos is a place that takes the imagination beyond what one thinks is possible if you allow it.   It is for the flexible adventurer that wants to create and be engulfed by the Greek culture.  This ceramics class will focus on the rich heritage of Greece as well as the student’s travel experience. It will begin with a three-week preparation period in hand building methods at Gulf Coast img_1693Community College. After three weeks of ceramic “boot camp” students will leave Panama City to work in Greece. The first stop will be Athens, where students will visit the Acropolis and new Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum and more. The group will then travel to the island of Skopelos via the hydrofoil. We will continue with the hands-on part of the class on the island with a periodic field trip to meet local artisans and visit the Folklore Museum. The students will draw on the rich artistic and cultural traditions of Greece, the Island of Skopelos and their experience as a traveler to create work in clay. Students will stay in housing owned by a local to get a taste of island living. Instruction will be offered in the morning and afternoon with an ample mid-day break for lunch and exploration. For more information please use our contact form.

We may be adding more programs so please contact us for more information.




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